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PROLiNK PKCS-1002 Classic Wired Keyboard

RM 18.00


  • 103
  • USB
Cable Length
  • 1.35mm
Dimensions 428 x 145 x 24mm (L x W x H)
Weight ~415g
Package Content


  • 1 x PKCS-1002 Classic Wired Keyboard 


PROLiNK® PKCS-1002 Classic Wired Keyboard is a high-comfort keyboard that comes with a sleek design. This ergonomic keyboard is designed in a way to fit the shape of your hands and fingers. At the bottom of each individual key lies a high quality membrane tactile switch that allows user to actuate with minimum effort. Also, this USB keyboard comes with a spill resistant design which provides protection against system damage caused by accidental spills. This built-to-last gadget has everything you need for a basic keyboard.

High quality membrane tactile key switch
- Allows user to comfortably actuate every single key stroke with precision

Spill resistant
- Provides protection against fluid spills

Plug and play 
- Plug and play solution with no complicated keyboard installation

Adjustable keyboard height
- Maximizes productivity by reducing user fatigue and discomfort