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Acer Liquid Z3s (Black w/ Black Flip Cover) Z130

RM 279.00


The Acer Liquid Z3S packs all the essential performance plus notable upgrades from the previous Liquid Z3 while still maintaining an affordable price. A powerful dual-core processor plus an innovative profiled UI make it easy for anyone to have a fluid touch experience. To top it off, a colourful built-in cover brings style and protection to the affordable Liquid Z3S.

Easy access

The Liquid Z3S features Acer's innovative profiled UI. Four different modes transform the home screen to suit anyone. Whether you need basic mode as an entry-level user, senior mode to make life easier for a parent, keypad mode for quick and direct dialling, or classic mode with all the essential communication components, you'll find the perfect way to keep everyone in touch.


Mini fashion

The Liquid Z3S is stylish and compact. It's small enough to fit in anyone's hand or pocket and has a choice of several colourful built-in covers. The trendy cover not only expresses your individuality, but also keeps the touchscreen protected while on the go. At just 10.4 mm thin, the Liquid Z3S is easy to handle and looks great.


Quick action

The Liquid Z3S will smoothly handle your favourite apps and media. It has a powerful dual-core processor with fast HSPA+ connectivity to ensure everything responds fluidly. Combined with the unique profiled UI, you'll get instant access to the features you need every day.



3.5" Display / Dual Core 1.0Ghz / 4GB ROM / 512MB RAM / 5MP Camera / Dual SIM 3G Active / Black / Jellybean 4.2