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Acer Liquid X1 (Black)

RM 1,039.00


5.7" HD Display / Octa Core 1.7Ghz / 16GB ROM / 2GB RAM / 13MP f1.8 BSI Sensor Back Camera / 2MP f2.0 BSI Sensor Wide Angle Front Cam / 4G LTE Single microSIM / Black / KitKat 4.4.2

Light and ultra-fast

This phone’s octa-core CPU delivers connection speeds of up to 150Mbps on LTE networks, and it works with a quad-core GPU to deliver incredibly smooth video-streaming and web-browsing experiences. The Liquid X1 has a large, high-end HD screen, weighs only 164g1 and is 8.5mm thin.

Instant capture

Say "selfie" to switch to the front-facing, wide-angle camera and automatically take a picture. Say the camera mode’s name and it’s done. Fast Focus technology lets the camera focus and shoot within 0.3 seconds. A large aperture of f1.8 means you can take great pics in low-light environments.

Perfect control

Acer Zoom Fit shrinks the control area to just 4 inches when you can only use one hand. An AcerRAPID™ button lets you shoot photos or open your favorite app, instantly. AcerFLOAT™ lets you use multiple apps simultaneously, without having to back out of one app to open another.